Benefits of CoQ10 including Anti-Aging - Benefits of CoQ10

Benefits of CoQ10 including Anti-Aging

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CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a compound, made by our bodies, that plays a variety of roles. One such role includes it acting as a powerful antioxidant that slows the aging process.  It is used by EVERY cell.  CoQ10 is part of the electron transport chain and aids in producing adenosine …

Reduce Stress, Feel Great & Lose Weight - Stress fat

Reduce Stress, Feel Great & Lose Weight!

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Stress is bad.  Chronic stress is worse.  A growing body of evidence shows that the impact stress has on our general health and wellness is significant.  So what is it and how can you manage it? Stress is a physiological response to danger originating from our time as a primitive …

Vitamins What you need to know - high absorption vitamins

Vitamin Supplements, What You Need to Know!

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Who do we listen to? I have long since stopped, blindly, trusting what companies tell me. This is especially hard for me given that I am, fairly, naive and want to believe that people have the best intentions. But companies are NOT people. While they are typically made up of …