Power of MCT Oil - MCT Oil Benefits

The Power of MCT Oil

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What’s all the rage about MCT oil these days?  Well, let me tell you. MCT oil, short for medium chain triglyceride, is unbelievably beneficial for you because it provides a clean source of energy for your body bypassing the need to couple it with enzymes for absorption.  It’s important to …

Why we get fat - get fat

Good Food, Bad Food – Why We Get Fat

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We’ve been lead to believe that we are getting fatter because we eat too much dietary fat and consume too many calories. This is flat out WRONG.  In a perfect, laboratory environment, it is, in fact, true that a calorie is a calorie.  When no other factors are being considered, …

Starting Keto - Your Top 5 Biggest Challenges - Starting Keto

Starting Keto – Your Top 5 Biggest Challenges!

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Eating on a new diet is, without a doubt, challenging.  You are hit with a lot of unknowns.  You are likely wondering if the diet will even work.  The last thing you need to be thinking about is what, when and how you are going to eat! To get the …

Improve Focus, Boost Mood and Lose weight - Ketogenic Diet benefits

Improve focus, boost mood and lose weight through Diet & Nutrition

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I was born in 1970.  I remember eating very differently than we do today.  I remember my grandmother cooking real food, that was savory and delicious by anyone’s standards, but  I remember loving the boxes of mac-n-cheese that my mom found so convenient to fix, frequently.  Boxed food was a …