Low Carb Lifestyle Resources

An Unexpected Low Carb Lifestyle Resource

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If you are considering going keto, you need access to resources!  When making real life changes, planning is a must. I think most people get that.  What I think we often miss is that a successful change hinges on both planning and execution. It seems the execution part is where …

Starting Keto

Starting Keto – The 1st 72 hours

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Starting keto can be harder than it needs to be if you are not prepared.  Let’s face it, it’s still a relatively new way of eating so the mainstream world is not caught up yet.  This can make going low carb challenging and in some cases just plain inconvenient. The …

Double Chocolate Keto Cupcakes

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Who doesn’t love a moist, rich, not single but DOUBLE chocolate cupcake? Well, no one that I know, anyway! The thing is, when you want chocolate, you want it guilt free! And now, you can have just that. My mentor, Leanne, created an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G cupcake recipe that is not only …

Why we get fat

Good Food, Bad Food – Why We Get Fat

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We’ve been lead to believe that we are getting fatter because we eat too much dietary fat and consume too many calories. This is flat out WRONG.  In a perfect, laboratory environment, it is, in fact, true that a calorie is a calorie.  When no other factors are being considered, …

A Guide to Ketogenic Diet Basics - ketogenic diet basics

A Guide to Ketogenic Diet Basics

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The practice of eating low carb, high fat and moderate protein has been around since the dawn of man, quite literally.  Our bodies evolved to survive and in order to do that we had burn multiple types of fuel.  Most people, today, believe that our primary fuel type is sugar …