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Starting Keto – Your Top 5 Biggest Challenges!

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Eating on a new diet is, without a doubt, challenging.  You are hit with a lot of unknowns.  You are likely wondering if the diet will even work.  The last thing you need to be thinking about is what, when and how you are going to eat! To get the most out of this change, you need to research, plan and get the appropriate support, otherwise it is just another diet that failed.

Starting a low carbohydrate, high fat, ketogenic lifestyle is no different.  What I want you to walk away with, today is a solid understanding of the five biggest challenges you will face on a ketogenic diet and how to crush them!

I, definitely, recommend reading my article A Guide to Ketogenic Diet Basics for more insight into how to make the important decision to take back control of your health, truly transformative!

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#1 - Knowing what to eat

Eating differently is tough.  We are creatures of habit. Doing something new causes stress until you adjust. Like anything else, practice brings peace of mind.  To get there, you have a couple of options.  You can do the research yourself, spending valuable time looking up the types of foods, the portion sizes, and sometimes even the time of the day you need to eat.  I’m sure you have time for that, right?  

Or,  you can subscribe to a tried and true method.  Take the pressure off of yourself, in an already stressful situation.  Let someone else do the heavy lifting.  If this sounds good to you, I recommend getting your hands on a really good meal plan.  

Like most things, the internet is full of good choices to pick from.  But how do you know the meal plan you are selecting really is a good one?  Well, I would pick a meal plan create by someone credible, someone who has a lot of experience helping people be successful on a ketogenic diet.  In short, someone I can trust.     

Leanne Vogel is a certified nutritionist and not just any type of nutritionist.  Leanne specializes in the ketogenic lifestyle.  She has created a phenomenal program called Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plans.  Take the stress off of yourself and get the help you need.  Let yourself focus on losing weight and getting healthier!

With the Balanced Keto Weekly Meal Plan you’ll receive…

  • 7-days of meal planning, done for you
  • Complete shopping lists, already organized
  • Tips guaranteed to keep you on track
  • Allergen guides and alternatives
  • Low-FODMAP, dairy-free, grain-free, nightshade-free, egg-free, and nut-free alternative lists
  • Easy to prepare breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks
  • Carb-up practices for balancing hormones and breaking plateaus
    Timesaving 5-minute recipes
  • The “entire family” guide to making a low-carb, high-fat diet work for everyone
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#2 - Shopping for new ingredients

There’s a reason people like drive-throughs.  They are convenient and, for some, a more welcomed option over going to the grocery store,  Even for those that choose to cook at home, shopping for food has become so routine, we barely have to think about it as we go up and down the aisles.   

A friend once said to me, ‘Tara, you need to create an app (I used to be a software developer) that plans meals, provides the nutritional values, gives you amounts and types of ingredients based on family size and dietary preferences, adds the ingredients to a shopping list, then has it delivered to your door’.  Well, I no longer develop software but I can leverage what I know about the best keto and meal programs available to help her and YOU get most of the way there!

If you are looking for a Keto meal plan AND to have fresh ingredients delivered right to your door, you need to check out Home Chef.   What makes these guys different from their competitors is that their customers have options for selecting meals with low carb ingredients.  

Home Chef is known for their high quality ingredients and delicious menu options and all of that for a truly bargain price! 

#3 - Keto Cooking

Cooking is not something that a lot people do anyway, so learning to make new recipes makes it that much more stressful.  I really believe that if people are given an easy and convenient path to getting healthier, more people would take it!  

Make Keto cooking easier by getting a good cookbook. Look, the truth is, there are a lot of really good Keto cookbooks out there.  Go anywhere and get one.  Just DO IT!  Heck, go you Half-Price Books and peruse the cooking section.  You will no doubt find many good options.  

But if you want an easy and GREAT option, check out the hundreds of FREE Keto recipes on Leanne’s website The Healthful Pursuit.  Did I say free?   Oh, yes I did.  

What’s even better?  You can filter the recipes in all kinds of crazy ways like eating style, prep time, meal type, ingredients and cooking method!  Wow!

Access Leanne’s Free Recipes

Leanne has a great Ketogenic diet program, The Keto Beginning that I invite you to check out.

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#4 - Taking Action

Starting keto - take action

We are creatures of habit.  Change is tough for EVERYONE.  But you and I both know that the only reason you have read this far is because you NEED to get healthier.  No one can do it for you.  It has to be you that makes this life changing decision.  

I used to watch a lot of Tony Robbins on  If you are familiar, you either love him or hate him.  I love him.  There are a few motivating phrases of his that I’ve picked up over the years.  One of them is “Raise your standards”.  

Whenever I feel frustrated with my current state of health or, honestly, anything in my life, I remember this phrase.  It’s powerful! The only thing that keeps us from really making changes in our lives is our acceptance of the current state.  I accepted that I had gone from a healthy, active woman to an overweight, prediabetic.  I was ‘okay’ being this way for too long.  I mean it sneaks up on you, right?  No one gaines 30, 70, 100+ pounds overnight.  So you don’t see it coming.  But once your current and unacceptable state hits you, you need to raise your standards.   

Once you decide that you are no longer willing to live your life in a substandard state, taking action becomes the only thing for you to do!

#5 - Lack of Support

This might seem obvious, but without the help of a truly supporting community, the road to better health is lonely and hard.  

You need to tell your family and friends why you’ve decided to take this path and ask for their support.  I know, for me, I used to purposely not tell anyone that I was trying to get healthier.  What if I failed?  I would risk looking ‘stupid’ and feel worse about myself.  No one wants that.  

What I eventually realized that is that those closest to me care about me.  They want me to be healthy.  The same is true for you! Ask for support and be specific about what that means.  Share with them the type of lifestyle change eating Ketogenic will mean.  If you open yourself up to their support, I doubt you will be disappointed.

Engage in online and local communities.  I am, now, part of four FB groups that target ketogenic dieting and intermittent fasting.  I’ve never been one for joining communities but seeing people with the same problems that I experience discuss it in these forums and ask for help and support from strangers is awe inspiring.  I find that I can’t help but to engage.  Social media, used the right way, can be truly amazing.

Here are the Facebook groups that I am, currently, part of.  I invite you to join one!

Ketogenic Diet Beginners

Women on Keto

Ketogenic Intermittent Fasting

Dr. Jason Fung - Fan Club - Fasting Support

Look, there’s a lot of really good information out there about how to be success on a ketogenic diet.  The absolute most important thing is that you’ve decided to take the steps to get healthier.  

I hope the information in this article has served you, but if not this one, find one that does!  TODAY.  

Take care and, as always, stay healthy!

*Remember to check with a healthcare professional before making changes to your diet, including the introduction of supplements.

**These claims have not be evaluated by the Food and Drug Association.

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