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Starting Keto – The 1st 72 hours

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Starting keto can be harder than it needs to be if you are not prepared.  Let’s face it, it’s still a relatively new way of eating so the mainstream world is not caught up yet.  This can make going low carb challenging and in some cases just plain inconvenient.

The key to success is knowing what you are in for and being ready.  These 8 basic tips will give you the insight you need to be prepared as you start your journey to better health!

Starting keto is a breeze

8 Steps that make starting Keto a breeze!

#1 - Plan your meals & make them good!

This is your chance to eat all of those yummy high fat meals that you’ve been missing out on with the archaic low fat lifestyle that we’ve been brainwashed with.  What do you really like? Eggs and bacon? Steak and asparagus? Delicious grilled veggies with pork loin, drizzled with a creamy, rich parmesan cheese sauce? All of these are legal when eating ketogically!  Click here for keto meal planning made easy!

#2 - Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water is critical.  As your insulin levels fall, due to the elimination of carbohydrates from your diet, the inflammation decreases also (a good thing). This will flush retained water from your body.  Your body will adjust to a new set point but in the meantime you must consciously drink H2O!

#3 - Get enough Salts - Sodium, Potassium, & Magnesium

Along with the water that is flushed as you transition to a Ketogenic lifestyle, the accompanying electrolytes go with it.  This is the real danger of becoming dehydrated. Be sure to add high quality sea salt to your diet and eat foods rich in potassium and magnesium too!  Take a good supplement if needed. Visit our heath shop here if you need help choosing the right supplement.

#4 - Shop for Keto goodies

There are lots of great tasting low carb goodies on the market today. While I typically advocate for eating a 100% whole food diet, sometimes you have to buy prepackaged foods.  Because I travel weekly for my day job, I don’t always have the option of the bringing along my homemade cookies or muffins. So buying Atkins products or sugar-free Russell Stover candies can be a life saver!  Also, look for a good quality beef jerky option.

#5 - Make a lot of fat bombs

Fat Bombs are the BOMB!  Yeah, I went there. Seriously, they are so easy to make and can give you the extra fat you need to balance your macros and often satisfy a sweet tooth in the process.  You can find great fat bombs recipes on on LCHF Ketogenic Snacks Pinterest board.

#6 - Embrace bacon, avocado & grass fed beef

Okay, so this tip is not so much about embracing these particular fats, but more about embracing all saturated fats.  Most fat is good for you. The exceptions being Omega 6 polyunsaturated fats and trans-fats. We’ve been sold a bill a goods that the evidence doesn’t support.  Eat fat and feed your brain and body!

#7 - Plan to eat in.  Don’t test your willpower!

Don’t tempt yourself.  Just don’t. Until eating keto becomes second natural, set yourself up for success by eating at home.  Later you can test your willpower. For now, do what you need to do to accomplish your goal of getting healthy.

#8 - Explain why you want to get healthy & ask for family support

Look, eating Keto is going to raise some eyebrows.  Be prepared to answer questions and address concerns.  Here’s a good argument to start with. If low fat diets are so healthy, why are Americans so overweight and sick in spite of our relative compliance with the diet? But really, it’s about YOU doing something, anything to get healthy.  They should respect that and support you.

These 8 tips should help get you started on your journey to a healthy life.  If you are looking for a more structured program, check out The Keto Beginning, by my mentor, Leanne Vogel.

Starting Keto - The Keto Beginning Program

Take care and, as always, stay healthy!


*Remember to check with a healthcare professional before making changes to your diet, including the introduction of supplements.

**These claims have not be evaluated by the Food and Drug Association.

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