Yoga for Beginners: A Essential Yoga Guide

Yoga For Beginners : The Essential Beginner Yoga Guide For Runners, Walkers & Desk Jockeys

Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Lose Weight Permanently

Increase Your Mobility in Shoulders, Hips and Other Joints

Increase Your Energy level

Strengthen , Lengthen and Tone Your Muscles

And Much More!

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Product Description

Now, You Can Experience The Many Amazing Benefits Of Yoga for Beginners!

With these highly effective techniques you will discover how you can..

Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

Deadlines, financial worries, relationship issues, traffic, the holidays, getting your kids to school on time: it s all stress. Stress is stored in our musculature and other body tissues (i.e. irritable bowel) and disrupts our hormonal balance. By reducing muscle tension you can reduce your stress levels, stimulate hormone production and feel like a new person.

Lose Weight Permanently.

Yoga can help you lose weight in more ways than just by burning calories. It helps your hormonal balance, reduces food and alcohol cravings, and builds muscle.

Increase Your Mobility in Shoulders, Hips and Other Joints.

Your range of motion tends to decrease, as you get older. It s: use it or lose it. Yoga takes all your joints through their full range of motion, increasing your mobility over time. You ll be amazed at how much easier everyday activities like walking or running can become when you increase the range of motion in your joints.

Increase Your Energy level.

You have to expend energy to gain more energy. But some types of exercise can get you feeling more energized immediately and this is one of them!

Strengthen , Lengthen and Tone Your Muscles.

Yoga creates long, b and lean muscles, from head to toe. Enjoy powerful muscles without adding bulk!

And Much More!

In this course, instructor Marleen Stam-Gibbs reveals many essential Yoga techniques for you to open up the tightest areas of your body; the hips, glutes, hamstrings and lower back. In freeing those areas, you will discover a healthy approach to improving your life.

Marleen clearly demonstrates proper breathing and stretching techniques and offers you step-by-step complete breakdowns through many Yoga poses including:

Down Dog
Step Through
Forward Fold
Seated Forward Fold
Hand To Big Toe
Supine Pigeon
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Extended Angle

This course is a perfect companion for inflexible people.

DVD Features:

  • Complete Pose Breakdowns
  • 8 completely customized sessions ranging from 25-90 minutes, offering you the best mind-body experience to suit your daily lifestyle.

Bonus Session:

Yoga Session for the Office: Marleen demonstrates techniques “desk jockeys” can use anytime during your workday!

You no longer have to search, wonder or feel lost, trying to figure out what Yoga techniques work and what does not work — It’s all here, just waiting for you.

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