Cholesterol Clarity – Moore & Westman

Cholesterol Clarity: What The HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers?

Are you confused by what your cholesterol levels really say about your health?

Within the pages of this book you’ll learn invaluable lessons, including:

  • Why your LDL-C and total cholesterol numbers may not be as important in determining your health as your doctor may think
  • The undeniable negative role that chronic inflammation plays in your health
  • Why cholesterol-lowering statin drugs don’t necessarily solve your heart health concerns
  • Why your doctor should be testing for LDL particles and particle size when measuring cholesterol
  • Why HDL and triglycerides are far more predictive of health concerns than LDL-C and total cholesterol
  • Why consuming foods with saturated fat is good for you, and why carbohydrate-based foods can be detrimental to attaining the best cholesterol numbers
  • Why a growing number of physicians, researchers, and nutritionists believe treating cholesterol numbers is virtually irrelevant
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