My Favorite Low Carb Sugar Cookie Recipe - low carb cookie recipe

My Favorite Low Carb Sugar Cookie Recipe

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Full disclosure… I am not a recipe blogger!  The thing is, as I play with various low carb recipes and come up with a keeper, I feel an obligation to share.  This awesome low carb cookie recipe is no exception! The way I see it, I can email this keto-licious recipe to friends and family, one by one, or I can just post it here. If I receive good feedback, you just may see a recipe from time to time.

So here goes.

Oh, yeah… This article contains affiliate product links.  This means if you chose to make a purchase, I get a small cut.  You won’t pay more, however.

I have two pet peeves with recipe blogs.

  1. There is far too much commentary.  I like to cut to the chase.  Perhaps the blog is so successful that the audience demands it or maybe it has something to do with the minimum number of words Google likes to see for SEO purposes.  Regardless, you won’t find an overly ‘wordy’ recipe article here.
  2. The number of ads on some websites are seriously, ridiculous.  Most bloggers won’t retire on the income made from ads so while I get it and have a few myself, enough already!  

Now let’s get to it!

Keto Lemon Sugar Cookie Recipe

Low carb cookie recipe - sugar

This is the best low carb cookie recipe I’ve tasted so far.  A big claim, I know!  

I’ve made this recipe using both lemon and orange extracts.  Both turned out really great, so feel free to experiment!


1/4 cup butter
3 oz cream cheese
1 1/8 cup of Swerve (or other natural sweetener - be sure to use a conversion chart)
1 large egg white
2 tsp vanilla extract 
1 tsp of lemon extract
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp gluten free baking powder
3 cups of almond flour (plus a little to get the right consistency if needed)


1. Whip butter, cream cheese and sweetener in a bowl.
2. Add vanilla, lemon extract, salt, baking powder, egg white until mixed.
3. Slowly blend in the almond flour.
4. Roll into 1 inch balls (use a small tablespoon).  The consistency should be like peanut butter cookie dough.  Add more almond flour until the dough doesn't come off on your hands when you are rolling the balls.
5. Flatten into 2 inch cookies.  You can use a fork (like in the picture) or the bottom of a glass.  If you use the glass, be sure to oil the bottom with olive oil to avoid it sticking to the dough.
6. Bake 15 mins at 350 or until golden brown (a little darker at the edges).

Makes 32 cookies.


Nutritional Facts:

These nutritional facts are estimated based on the specific ingredients I used and will vary if any are substituted.  I like to use the MyFitnessPal app to get an accurate reading on macro and calorie count.  I have dozens of recipes created with this information.  What a great tool!

*Note that I did not account for carbs in the Swerve sweetener since they do not significantly raise blood sugar for most people.

Low carb cookie recipe - nutritional facts

I hope you like the recipe!  

If you are new to Keto or are looking for a great support program, I invite you check out The Keto Beginning. A program developed by Leanne Vogel.  She is an amazing nutritionist that has helped thousands of people embrace a low carb, high fat lifestyle.  

Low Carb Cookie Recipe - The Keto Beginning Banner

Take care and, as always, stay healthy!


*Remember to check with a healthcare professional before making changes to your diet, including the introduction of supplements.

When times are tough and you need a little something sweet, this is my go to low carb cookie recipe. You don't have to be ketoer to love it! #lowcarbcookie #ketocookie #lowglycemiccookie #lowcarbsugarcookie

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