Benefits of CoQ10 including Anti-Aging - Benefits of CoQ10

Benefits of CoQ10 including Anti-Aging

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CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a compound, made by our bodies, that plays a variety of roles. One such role includes it acting as a powerful antioxidant that slows the aging process.  It is used by EVERY cell.  CoQ10 is part of the electron transport chain and aids in producing adenosine …

Using Magnesium to Treat Neurological Syndromes - magnesium benefits

Using Magnesium to Treat Neurological Syndromes

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In short, magnesium is critically important to a healthy, happy body and mind.  Here’s why.  Magnesium is a metal; a mineral that is essential to our bodies.  In this context, essential means that we require it but can’t make it on our own, so we need to get it from …

Reduce Stress, Feel Great & Lose Weight - Stress fat

Reduce Stress, Feel Great & Lose Weight!

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Stress is bad.  Chronic stress is worse.  A growing body of evidence shows that the impact stress has on our general health and wellness is significant.  So what is it and how can you manage it? Stress is a physiological response to danger originating from our time as a primitive …

How to fight cold & flu naturally - Cold and Flu Remedies

How to Fight Cold and Flu Season Naturally

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Cold and flu season is upon us, but bacterial and viral threats are ever present.  At a time when society is so very conscious about the spreading of infection and disease, it is a wonder why cold and flu season continues to wreak havoc in our communities to the degree …

Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

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Type II diabetes is a spectrum.  It starts with insulin resistance, moves through metabolic syndrome and ends with full blown diabetes.  Within each of these states there is, again, another spectrum.  I point this out, simply, because most medical physicians treat diabetes more like a switch.  Either you have it …

Naturally stop using prescription drugs - Reduce anxiety naturally

Naturally, stop using prescriptions drugs

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Instances of Anxiety, ADHD and Depression are on the rise. I doubt many would argue with this statement. Evidence shows that are many contributing factors to this trend including dietary lifestyle, toxicity and lack of key nutrients. Add to this, the impact of stress on our bodies, which magnifies the …

Vitamins What you need to know - high absorption vitamins

Vitamin Supplements, What You Need to Know!

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Who do we listen to? I have long since stopped, blindly, trusting what companies tell me. This is especially hard for me given that I am, fairly, naive and want to believe that people have the best intentions. But companies are NOT people. While they are typically made up of …