Power of MCT Oil - MCT Oil Benefits

Energy: The Power of MCT Oil

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What’s all the rage about MCT oil these days?  Well, let me tell you. MCT oil, short for medium chain triglyceride, is unbelievably beneficial for you because it provides a clean source of energy for your body bypassing the need to couple it with enzymes for absorption.  It’s important to …

Benefits of CoQ10 including Anti-Aging - Benefits of CoQ10

Benefits of CoQ10 including Anti-Aging

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CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a compound, made by our bodies, that plays a variety of roles. One such role includes it acting as a powerful antioxidant that slows the aging process.  It is used by EVERY cell.  CoQ10 is part of the electron transport chain and aids in producing adenosine …

Treating Brain Fog using Functional Medicine - treating brain fog

Treating Brain Fog using Functional Medicine

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If you’ve ever experienced brain fog, you know it.  It’s this feeling of being mentally sluggish and disconnected from the world around you.  It’s like the processor in your head is overheating and you can’t quite think straight or fast enough.  Your memory is toast and focus and concentration is …

Improve Focus, Boost Mood and Lose weight - Ketogenic Diet benefits

Improve focus, boost mood and lose weight through Diet & Nutrition

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I was born in 1970.  I remember eating very differently than we do today.  I remember my grandmother cooking real food, that was savory and delicious by anyone’s standards, but  I remember loving the boxes of mac-n-cheese that my mom found so convenient to fix, frequently.  Boxed food was a …